Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Woo Hoo...Sold Carpet, Cabinets, and Appliances on Craigslist!

I am pretty excited that we sold the carpet from the living room, all the kitchen cabinets, the built-in bookcases in the dining room, the over the stove microwave and the dishwasher!  Yea!

I wasn't sure what price to put on things, but I was pricing to sell!  Here is what I got:

Carpet and Pad:  $50
Kitchen Cabinets:  $200
Bookcases:  $50
Microwave:  $50
Dishwasher:  $50
Stove:  $50

Tons of interest in the refrigerator, but we need the refrigerator until the remodel is done, so I can't sell it yet.

Chris and Wes worked hard at getting the appliances out, so it is nice that we got a little payment for our hard work.  Won't the contractor be surprised when he comes tomorrow.

Happy Rainy Day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Updated Status Photos, Fireplace/TV built-in and bar area cabinets are finished!

The basement cabinets are done!  The bar area and the TV/fireplace built-in sections are completed and will be delivered on Friday or Monday.  The sheetrockers are continuing to work on finishing the walls.  They talked me into doing knock-down finish on the ceiling.  I needed to pick out the maple door style.  Here is a picture of the door style that I picked out.
I picked out stain color 3219.  It is a medium colored stain.  Here are some more photos from the basement.
This picture is in the basement bedroom with the new window (it needed to be bigger than the original window for code purposes.  Here are some more views of the new Marvin Integrity Window

Here are a few views of the family room/bar area of the basement:

And here is the bathroom without the fixtures.  You can see the shower at the back of the bathroom.

I also wanted to post some updated pictures of the kitchen cupboards.  Adam, from Lakeside Cabinets, figured out a cool way for me to include an appliance garage in the kitchen.  Look at these cool views of that corner of the kitchen.  The kitchen cabinets should be done by next week sometime.  You can also see where the drawer style microwave and built-in ovens will be located in the open spots. 

I will be picking out faucets, sinks, tile, carpet, paint color, light fixtures, and gas fireplace inserts this week.