Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WIRING (Speakers, HDMI, antenna, cable, ethernet...)

We have spent the past couple days figuring out wiring for the audio visual equipment.  It has been a learning experience.  We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday, but we sure had a lot of raised voice discusssions over wiring.  A guy at work helped me figure out what was needed.  I picked up the majority of the cabling, etc at the hardware store.  Chris started the project and quickly realized it was more work than he expected.  The issue is if you don't get it in before sheetrock, you will see exposed wires from the front.  Not good.  There was a point in the discussion that I said that I didn't care if we even had a TV in the basement.  Oh well, it is almost all installed now, we are just waiting for a reasonably priced HDMI cable that should be in the mail on Thursday.

Another issue averted...
Adam from Lakeside Cabinets called and said he looked at the specification for the refrigerator that I ordered for the downstairs bar area and said the refrigerator needs 16.5" to fully open.  We have the refrig right up against the wall, so it would only be a few inches away.  I was in a panic because I already ordered the appliances and I wasn't sure I could change my order.  I found a refrig that would work in the existing space.  Initially, I was most concerned with finding a model that was counter-depth, but I also needed to check on the angle required to open the refrig door to pull out the drawers, etc inside the refrig.  I double-checked with Adam before attempting to change my order.  He said that model would work.  I was able to change my order because they hadn't prepared to ship it yet.  I was soooo relieved that it could be changed.  Good catch, Adam!  I know it isn't your job to review all those details, but I sure appreciate the heads up before everything gets put in place later in the process!  You know you have a good cabinet maker when they review all of these little details.

They prepared the bedroom window area for the new window that is on order.  They are waiting for us to finish up the wiring before sheetrocking.  Hopefully, they can get that started sometime on Thursday or Friday.  Mitch, the contractor, and I need to firm up the door selection.  I am thinking of going with Maple 2-panel doors.  I don't know if I want raised panels or flat panels. 

Calvin and Alison had choir concerts last night.  We had a lot of fun at the concert.  Maddie and I are driving to Eau Claire for Rachel's Baby Shower.  Should be a lot of fun!  Can't wait to see Rachel pregnant.

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