Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally picked out hardware for cabinets, shower doors, lighting...waiting for delivery...yeah!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I have been busy picking out so many final items.  I picked out the backsplash tile for the kitchen and it was installed this past week.  I also picked out backsplash tile for the bar area, but it is on backorder, so I have to wait until it gets in stock (might be a couple more weeks:(
I have been laboring over the hardware for the cabinets throughout the house.  We have been to Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards, so many times, changing our mind (okay, I am the only one changing my mind).  I just know it is something I will need to live with for a long time, so I want to make the right choice.  A friend at work told me about a place called nob hill, so I went there at lunchtime on Friday.  I really liked the place and it only sells knob and pulls for cabinets.  Some are pretty pricey, but the friendly lady that helped me, looked at the pictures on the blog and made a couple suggestions.  Still a little over my price range, but when I got home, I scoured the internet at and found them cheaper (about 40% off).  Still a little over what I would have hoped to spend, but at least it was in my ballpark.  I picked out hardware from Schaub and Company from thier Siena line.  I am going to use the round knobs for all the cupboard doors, medium size pulls (8") for the kitchen drawers, the cup pulls are for the bar area, and the large pulls (12") will be on the the refrigerator and dishwasher panels.  What do you think?

This selection will help me with lighting in the kitchen too.  Initially, we thought we were going to have brushed nickel knobs and pulls in the kitchen (had them all bought too), but when I went to pick out lighting, I didn't like any options that were brushed nickel.  I only liked the oil rubbed bronze options.  Picking out these new knobs has opened up my selection of lighting.  I also picked out and ordered the shower doors for the basement and main floor bathrooms.  I went with Sterling Shower Doors (these are made by Kohler) and bought them online at  They had a 15% off sale on all Sterling items, plus they had a buy more, save more sale going on, so I ended up getting $240 off and free shipping to our house.  Here are the pictures of the shower doors (the bypass door is for the basement bathroom and the pivot door is for the main floor bathroom):

We finally moved in some of our old furniture in the basement.  It is nice to have a little space to do some things.  We brought in our leather furniture that was in the living room before.  We also brought in our dining room table and chairs and put them in the basement too.  The kids love to hang out in the basement now.  Last weekend, we hung the new TV mount above the fireplace and installed one of our old TV's.  Today, Chris and I fixed all the door handles (that happened to get installed wrong) and also figured out the new mirror for the bathroom in the basement.  Everything is starting to come together, but we still have a lot of loose ends to tie up and finish.  Friday after work, Chris and I figured out how to install the custom panels on the refrigerator in the kitchen.  We need to get the top panel for the fridge before we can finish, but once we read the directions, things went in very well. 

Little, by little, we will get there.  Hopefully, we can finish before the kids go back to school.  They want to have a party with their friends before returning to school, so maybe by mid August, we can make plans to have a fun party.

Stay tuned...I'll take some pictures this week and post them!  I am in Pittsburgh on Monday and Tuesday this week, so I won't post until later this week.

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