Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updated photos & backsplash in kitchen picked out...what do you think??

They pulled off the paper from the hardwood floors today.  It is nice to see the finished floors again.  The electricians were working hard putting in lights, outlets and switches today.  Most of the quarter-round was installed yesterday and today.  They started to install the faucets.  I need to pick out a couple soap dispensers.  After I get the tile selected, I need to pick out light fixtures and knobs/drawer pulls for the kitchen cabinets.  I also need to finalized my selection for the staircase spindles.  Too many decisions to make right now.  It is also tough because we are on a tight budget, so I don't want to break the bank which makes decision making even tougher.  I want to pick out furniture, not hardware and tile.  Anyhow, here are the updated photos...

Here you can see the paint color from the living room.

Door from the dining room to the entry & basement

New bar area in basement

Tile backsplash options for the bar area (samples came from Ceramic Tileworks, Maple Grove)

Bar Sink and faucet (I used my old kitche faucet...looks pretty good)

Fireplace in family room off of kitchen and entry

Maple steps going to the basement

Here is the backsplash tile I picked out for the kitchen (picked up from The Tile Shop, Plymouth, MN)  The small tile on the left is for behind the cooktop area, the other tiles will be placed in a subway style on the main part of the wall between the cupboards and countertops. 


  1. Deciding to tile your kitchen countertops is a good idea and there are many tile options out there in which to choose from. It really depends on your budget as to which tiles you opt for and some materials are more expensive than others.

  2. OH WOW!! Those cabinets are Gorgeous and the kitchen layout is Fabulous! As for the backsplash, I think they all match great! So which ever you choice will be Wonderful.