Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Granite INSTALLED! Need to pick out backsplash tile...

The granite countertops were installed today.  Boy, do they look nice.  We went with Chain of Lakes Granite in Richmond, MN.  We picked out opalescent granite with a honed finish for the kitchen and command center.  The basement bar area is a peacock granite and we have a remnant for the bathroom which is called yellow river.  They all look really nice on the cupboards.  I can't wait to get barstools and sit up to the counters.  There was a minor measuring error in the basement, so they are cutting a new piece and plan to deliver it on Thursday for the basement bar area.  We originally wanted the bar to stick out 10" for the stools, but then when we visited, we changed our mind to make it 12" overhang.  Well, they changed most of the dimensions, but one still had the overhang on one side to be 10".  They quickly realized the mistake and plan to cut another piece and make it work.  Yea!  I highly recommend Chain of Lakes Granite (http://www.chainoflakesgranite.com/).  They are owned by a husband and wife.  Their daughter works there too.  Small town atmosphere and awesome customer service.  Laura, the wife, was so nice to us when we visited and picked out the granite.  We picked out sinks too and I just love what I picked out.  I can't wait to get the faucets hooked up, as well as the rest of the appliances.  It will be nice to have a fully functioning kitchen again.
Well the holiday weekend brought us awesome weather.  We had fun on the boat Sunday, tubing and swimming in the lake with the kids.  On Sunday, we went to a friends neighborhood party and enjoyed the band, games and great food to make our fourth a memorable one.  WooHoo!

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