Friday, April 29, 2011

Built-in around Fireplace in Basement

Not much activity the past couple days.  The small basment windows were closed up with cement blocks yesterday.  No one came to work today.  I did get some drawings of the built-in we will have around the fireplace.  The TV will be mounted on the top.  Some of the brick will be covered up across the top, but the brick on the bottom will be exposed.  What do you think?

We went to the Minnesota Twins game last night.  We were happy to have nice weather, but the Twins lost.  We have the school carnival tonight and I will painting lots of faces.  Tomorrow we have Maddie's birthday party at the YMCA!  Calvin plays in 2 lacrosse games tomorrow and on Sunday he and Chris are going turkey hunting.  Alison has a softball scrimmage on Sunday.  Our weekend is packed full of activities.

1 comment:

  1. I Like the brick and the flat screen will be great above the fireplace.