Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Framing, Poured Cement, Initial Inspection and Some Lighting/Electrical Work

I ended up ordering the vent hood insert for the kitchen.  I went with a 36" Vent-A-Hood 300CFM model. 
It will be ready to pick up tomorrow.  I guess it has 2 speeds and the highest fan speed is 300CFM which will meet my venting needs.

More framing was done today, around ductwork and pipes.  The inspector came and everything looks good so far.  The plumber noticed an issue with the drain near the bar.  We need to have a septic guy come out to clear the line or determine where the issue is.  Apparently, they tried to pressurize the lines and there was a leak which is not a good indication.  Hopefully the fix is something easy and simple because we can't afford to have it cost too much.  Cement was poured to cover up most holes.  They still need to add a bit more cement to level out the spots.  Electricians stayed pretty late working on installing the canned lighting.  Looking good so far...

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