Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Jack-Hammering to move drains and pipes

Today there was a lot of jack-hammering in preparation for moving the pipes and drains.  There is a drain located where the hallway will be to the bedroom and the rest of the drain/pipes need to be moved for the bathroom.  Also the utility sink is removed, so they need to cap off that drain, too.  Lots of work done today.  I also see a big load of 2x4's were delivered and carried down to the family room.  Progress will seem slow at first, but a lot of planning goes into remodeling and everything has to be "just right" to continue.

The contractor for our remodel project is Mitch Johnsen from Shoreline Builders  He is a local contractor that was referred to us by our neighbors.  We are excited to work with Mitch and his crew throughout the project.  The cabinets and built-ins will be made by Lakeside Cabinets in Nowthen, MN  Adam has already measured everything for the kitchen cabinets, the built-in in the family room, the lockers for the laundry area, the vanity in the bathroom and the bar area.  They are anxiously awaiting our wood and style selection for the cabinets.  This needs to be finalized before the begin construction of the cabinets.  We are planning to go with maple cupboards throughout.  It will have a medium colored stain and the oak floors will lightly stained, but very close to natural.

Here are a couple pictures of today's updates:

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