Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, they started the framing today.  The walls to the bathroom, utility room, bedroom and storage room/closet are all framed up.  They also formed the opening in the stairway walls.  I guess they will be pouring the cement after framing (who knew?).  I think the HVAC contractor will be coming this week too. 

I have a little dilemma...I am looking to order an hood insert for above the gas cooktop.  I talked to the rep at vent-a-hood and she suggested that we need the 600 CFM (dual speed) 42" version.  Our cooktop is 36", but she said we need a little overlap.  If I go with the 600 CFM version, I will need to replace the air to the HVAC unit.  If I go with the 300CFM (single speed) version, they don't think I will be satisfied with the hood.  Both units are close in price, so that doesn't really impact the decision.  I also need to know if I should go with stainless or a grey metallic painted surface.  Remember this is on the inside of the wood hood that will be built around it.  The size is the same on both units.  The rep at vent-a-hood said that code in Maple Grove may allow us to just have fresh air to the HVAC, but if we need a fresh air unit, it is added cost, so you can heat the air before it comes inside.  I don't really know much about this, but I would love to know if anyone has ideas.  I am not in a huge rush to order the hood, but in the next week, it would be great.  The rep said that if I am doing a lot of frying (3 burners full), then I would like to have the 600CFM unit.  HELLLP!


  1. I must have missed this one, I dont know much about these things either but I would go bigger if in doubt, Are you going to get a chimney style vent? I guess I am not picturing it. Better go back and look at your kitchen plans

  2. oh, I see no chimney style, I think I would still go stainless though