Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Busy Week: Mudding the sheetrock and popcorn ceilings, new knockdown texture on ceiling, finishing the floors, staining cabinets downstairs

A lot of activity has gone on this week.  Sorry I haven't posted much this week, but even though a lot has been happening, it wasn't worth taking pictures to show everyone.  We just came home from staying at the hotel over the weekend.  We needed to leave because the oak floors on the main level were getting finished and the cabinets were getting stained in the basement.  I found an awesome hotel on  If you ever need a CHEAP hotel in a pinch, go to  We ended up staying at the Northland Inn, in a suite room with a huge jacuzzi tub for $53 each night.  On Saturday, we took the kids to look at granite and then headed off to Mall of America.  Calvin and Chris did some mini golfing at Moose Mountain golf and then we went to Underwater World.  We were planning to go to IKEA, but the kids wanted to head back to the hotel for some swimming instead.  We came home today and took these pictures of the progress.

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