Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paint colors, tile and carpet choices for basement

I took a half day off today to figure out some carpet and tile selections.  On my way home, I stopped at Cheney Carpet in Plymouth, MN.  They have great deals on VERY nice carpet.  I was impressed.  I talked to Brad at Cheney Carpet and he helped me narrow down my choices.  I brought home the samples and made a decision right away.  The carpet installer is going to come and measure tomorrow, so they can get right amount of carpet, but he can't install until the tile is done.  My next stop was to pick up Maddie and we went to Home Depot for the next 4 hours.  I labored over tile decisions.  I ended up with a marble tile for the bathroom floor, with a coordinating (I hope) tile for the shower area.  I picked out a travertine stone tile (honed finish, not shiny) for around the bar area including 3 feet around the bar for the stools and for the entry way to the basement.  I also picked out tile for the backsplash of the bar area.  My final selection of the day was to pick out iron rail spindles for the upstairs staircase.  It was a little tough to pick them out, but I did my best and made a decision on a pretty neutral option.
They installed the new gas fireplace insert today!
 We will get trained on how to use it next week.  Inspection is tomorrow.
 Here is the travertine tile I picked for the entry and bar area.
 Here is the backsplash for the bar area.  You can kind of see the wall paint color here too.
 This is the marble floor tile for the bathroom in the basement.  It is beautiful tile.
 Here is the bedroom in the basement and the aqua wall paint.  The picture doesn't do the color justice.
 The stairs (to the basement) were sanded and varnished.  You can see the dust on the walls (our whole house is FULL of dust)
 This the carpet sample that I picked out.  Carpet will be in the bedroom, closets, hallways, family room and inbetween the bar and the entry area in the basement.

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