Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CALVIN'S 14th "Golden" Birthday!! Base coat of paint on main floor, "Shading" process done on basement cabinets, Appliances delivered!

The cabinets downstairs needed a final stain coat called "shading."  This is a process used to even out the stain on the cabinets, otherwise, Maple wood especially, takes stain differently and unevenly.  The "shading" process is a spray on stain that provides an even coat of stain on the wood.  Looks great.  The ceilings upstairs got painted/sprayed today and the painter, Mike Luebeck from Luebeck Painting and he also put the base coat on the walls.  The last bit of space that we had in the garage is now occupied by all of our appliances.  They all got delivered today.   They sure take up a lot of space.  I hope I love them.

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