Sunday, June 5, 2011

A letter, from my Grandma, that I found when packing up our STUFF...

It was interesting that I found this letter 2 weeks ago when we were getting the kitchen all cleaned out and ready for the main floor remodel.  My Grandpa and Grandma's house just sold and they closed the day after I found the letter.  I saved all of the letters my Grandma regularly wrote to me.  I am happy to have a little bit of history in her letters to me.  I miss her...

March 10, 2001

My Dear Michelle,
     Today is the 45th anniversary of our moving into this house and I still like it.  Grandpa picked out the plan for it.  I like the big kitchen.  The lot cost $1250 with the improvements in and paid for (water, sewer, and gas).  We are within 3 miles of our dentist, doctor, hospital, drug store, grocers, library and school.  I like this house best for what it never had-a morgage.  Kuehn's house across the street just sold for $169,900 (I heard).  Ours cost us $12,000.  I'm glad we can still be in our house.  We have a wonderful network of family to back us up should we need help.  I appreciate all the times you brought me to the doctor when you already had your hands full with a a new baby.  I appreciate the prepared food you brought.  I appreciate all the times you came over with tomatoes and onions, and made salsa with us.  It was fun making all those apple pies, too.
     Thanks for bringing Calvin and Alison for a visit once in a while and for letting me watch Calvin when he was little.  And thanks for the beautiful pictures of them we got for Christmas!
Grandma D.
P.S.  I think you and Chris are doing an excellent job raising your children.

With the whole remodel stuff going on at our house, this letter helps to reflect on why we decided to remodel.  We love the area, the neighbors, the trees, the layout of the house, and being close to family and friends.  Although we didn't build this house, I am attached, not from a material standpoint, but from all the things we would miss if we moved.  I like it right where we are.  I wish I could call my Grandpa and ask him advice on how to do something like install the hot water heater, or fixing something.  He was always there to answer those questions and usually would pay a visit to help out in any way he could.  For those of you that don't know, my grandparents passed away a few years ago.  This post is for both of them watching over us from heaven.  God Bless You!

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